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A two semester senior capstone group project that followed all of the elements of the software development life cycle. The group went through the analysis, design, development, and testing phases of the project. Buggy is a bug tracking system that was taking issues currently found within current bug tracking softwares and implmentating them into our software. Thoses issues we discovered as a team were that users of other bug tracking systems found the interfaces to be diffcult to navigate as well as the fact that there was no colloaboration possible on a given ticket. With those issues documented we then incorportated an intuitive user interface as well as having a disscusion board for each bug report that came through to allow for more developer communcation. This project put us in real working world enviroment that was was meet with plently of challenges along the way. Most notable challenges were that at the beginning the group consited of 4 people but one memeber had to leave due to medical issues. The group also dealt with being the first class to work in a fully remote enviroment for the enitre length of the project. Having to deal with each indivuduals schedule while trying to provides the best communication possible was demanding. Unfortunaly due to the fact that some resources used in the development of buggy that would need to be paid for at this point, buggy is no longer a live active site. The code is still avaibale to view at the button above. Buggy was built using modern technoligies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Hostinger.