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Datafy is a Spotify Data Visualization software. This project was completed in one semester that compremised of a group of 3 people. The goal of this class was to produce a rapid prototype of some type of software. Datafy allows Spotify users to view different graphical representations of there listening history. This project invloved the use of the Spotify API. The API was used in order to authenticate each user into there personal Spotify account using Spotify's OAuth 2 authentication method. Once authenticated a user is then able to view details on there top artists, and tracks they listen to, analyze a playlist they created, and even interact with a player within the application. All of these features make requests to Spotify's API in order to return all of the necessary information to display back to the user. Datafy was built using HTML, CSS, and React. It also used the following services, Spotify's API, Chart JS, and Heroku.