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SkyWind is a weather app that was built for more development into APIs. Search for a city located anywhere in the world to get the current weather at that location. Along with the current temperature and condition being diplayed the next few hours, every 3, are also displayed. Depending on a users geogrpahical location they may use differnt units of measument, so I included a toggle switch in order to switch between farenhite and celecuis. In order to get the weather data I used openweathermaps API service. I wanted to go a step further with this project and change the background based on the time in the location searched for. The response I got from openweathermaps did not include a time for the location but it did include a longitude and latitude for that location. I was able to pull out that data and then use Googles time zone API service in order to get the exact time of that location. This allowed for a dynamic background change based on location searched for. As of now SkyWind was specifically made for mobile devices so you will either need to view it on a mobile device or inspect the page and go to the responsive section for a mobile device to view it properly. SkyWind was built using HTML, CSS, Vanilia JavaScript, and hosted on Netilfy.